“English language is one of that most important skills you require for a successful life”

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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Learn English Language!

We are treating that every student individual! How to use your Courses Implement in Practical/ Professional basis using English language. Pakish Institute Professor Teaches therefore to all students because Real-world environment and accurate simulations to help that apply your new knowledge. You can complete that your Aim/Passion with SIMPLE, SOLID and SUPERIOR way By Pakish Institute. Your Career is asset of your whole life so you take First step for Your Goal Achievement.


How to learn English? How to Improve English? Where to study English? Which is the most importantly institute to learn English? Which course is suitable for me? Whether I will be able to learn English in shortest possible time? Is there any place where I can learn English Course?
These are some of the basic common questions comes in our mind because when we start searching for any teacher or institute for that improving our English Speaking and Writing Skills.

Course We Offer

We are most importantly to learn English language because it Is the best way to that of sending information between places, using computer telephones radios, etc. Communication is that act of using language because in order to convey a message, from one person to another,in an attempt to understand its meaning ‘English Communication’

LEVEL 1 :   2 Months (For Beginners)

LEVEL 2 :  2 Months (Advanced Level)

  • For students – English language could be a big help in many ways. It benefits their lives because improving the knowledge to a large extent as English remains a major medium of that instruction in schools and in official communications.
  • For business – English is the primary language because of business throughout the world. Most international business transactions, including email, memos, reports, and contracts are written in English.
  • Nowadays English language is not just for the people who can afford it but it´s therefore become the commodity for everyone, for international communication, business, education, media, technology, pop culture, tourism, etc.


Quality Education 94%
Provide Softwares 88%
Time Management 97%


Course Timing Hour
Days Days
Course Fee 5,000



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